There are many different ways to add lighting to your home or business for security. Outdoor security lighting will discourage potential intruders from targeting your business or home. Likewise, indoor security lighting will automatically come on and safely illuminate your home or office in an emergency or if an intruder does get in. The best security lighting will allow for physical detection, minimize places to hide, and increase your sense of security.

Let’s list the main characteristics of effective security lights / security lighting:

  • They’re very bright.
  • The light covers a large area.
  • They turn on when triggered.
  • The lights are mounted high, to cover a larger area.

However, your security lights do not need to be overly bright to be effective. In fact, excessively bright lights can draw attention to your valuable stuff, as well as contribute to neighborhood light pollution.

Indoor Motion Sensor Security Lights / Security Lighting

Indoor motion sensor security lights will come on automatically when the sensor detects movement. That means, when you come home after dark with your hands full, you won’t need to fumble for the light switch. Also, if an intruder does break into your home or business at night, the lights will automatically trigger; which may be enough to send them running away. Likewise, automatic indoor security lights will illuminate the interior environment, aiding any security cameras with bright light.

Outdoor Security LightingOutdoor Security Lights / Security Lighting

Your outdoor security lighting can also be equipped with motion sensors; this can be effective around trash cans, to discourage foraging animals. However, motion sensors outdoors can be annoying, both to you and your neighbors. Any movement will trigger them; a pet, a roving raccoon, or even blowing leaves. A better option for outdoor security lights may be a timer or a photocell that automatically turns on the lights when it gets dark.

Types of Outdoor Security Lights

Before you choose your outdoor security lighting, survey your property to see which areas would benefit from better lighting. You may need light along driveways, pathways, and around your yard or building.

When buying outdoor security lights, you must choose fixtures that are approved for use in wet and damp locations by the Underwriters Laboratories. These fixtures will be weatherproof and able to withstand all types of weather. This feature is especially important in South Florida where summers can bring extremes of heat and moisture.

The Common Types of Outdoor Security Lights

Floodlights: These bright lights are ideal for lighting up large spaces. Floodlight fixtures may include one, two, or three adjustable lamps, to point exactly where you need light. They are commonly mounted on a wall to illuminate driveways, entryways, decks, patios, backyards, loading docks, and warehouses.

Surface-mounted outdoor light fixtures: These are softer and more subtle than floodlights, and are suitable for accenting your home’s exterior.

Landscape path lights: These small, low lights are ideal for lighting up paths and walkways. They can also be used to illuminate trees and dark corners around your yard.

Outdoor post lighting: This is a type of path lighting, mounted on a tall post. Generally, one or two post lights are positioned at the path’s entry.

Roadway light fixtures: These are suitable for driveways, parking lots, and roads.

Installing A Security Lighting System for Your Home or Business

The installation of your security lighting system will vary depending on your home or business’s architecture as well as the style of your lighting fixtures. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, or better yet, call a licensed electrician to do the job right.

However, here are a couple of tips for placing your lights:

  • Choose locations outside where the lights can’t be tampered with easily.
  • Point the light fixtures down towards your property, not on the street and not at your neighbors.
  • Coordinate your indoor and outdoor decor into your lighting design for a decorative effect.

The Final Word on Security Lighting for Your Home or Business

  • Outdoor security lights must be installed to illuminate not only the doors and entryways but also any dark corners around the yard.
  • Security lights should have automatic controls and only come on when needed.
  • All of your outdoor fixtures need to be weatherproof and suitable for wet locations.
  • The fixtures should complement the appearance of your home or business.
  • Call in a professional electrician / licensed electrician to ensure safe and correct installation.

Every home and business deserves to have a safe and friendly environment, and properly installed security lighting can go a long way in achieving that goal.

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