You’ve got to admit when you see a property at night that is enhanced by strategic landscape lighting, it leaves quite an impression. It draws your eye because the nighttime lighting manages to spotlight certain features you may not even notice in the daylight. Carefully directed splashes of light also create a feeling, an ambiance that naturally entices interest. When you see well-lit buildings and grounds, you can’t help it; you look. 

What does this tell you? Immediately, you start to grasp the power of garden lighting and what it can do for your curb appeal. This is significant for the overall impression of your property as well as its value. It is important to recognize, however, there is more to landscape lighting than simply sticking a few spotlights in the ground. 

Consider the Practical Value of Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Installation of outdoor electric and a well thought out exterior lighting system provides: 

  • Aesthetic value
  • Safety of movement at night
  • An effective method of security

Stott Brothers Electric can design and install lighting for the exterior of your home or business which will take advantage of all these key benefits.

Outdoor Lighting of Restaurant at NightDecorative Outdoor Lighting 

Even a simple upgrade of the light fixtures on the front of your house can make a big impact. Make your restaurants patio warm and inviting with decorative string lights and ambient ground lighting. Not only does decorative lighting look great, when used on driveways, stairs, and patios they help keep residents, property owners, and visitors safe. 

Light Can Transform Your Gardens

Use your existing landscape and hardscape to establish accents and guiding light for pedestrian foot traffic after dark. Downlighting can gently illuminate entrances while creating interesting shadows unique to the elements already existing on your property. Also, sending light up toward trees, statuary and columns adds aesthetic beauty as well as guiding visitors and guests along pathways and entrances. 

Landscape Lighting 

Highlight your landscaping or garden at night with low voltage lighting on pathways along with spotlights to accent key features. Even if your business is not open at night, a well-lit property will draw attention in a way that no amount of signage will accomplish during the day.

Give Depth to Your Landscapes and Architecture

Directed lighting will enhance architectural features making them stand out and giving them a sense of grandeur. You use less energy with low-voltage outdoor lighting, and you get a softer light that is more aesthetically pleasing. High-voltage options are available, but the whole idea of night lighting is to take advantage of the dark to gently spot certain areas without overpowering the natural beauty. 

When a certain amount of detail is left to the imagination, you end up with an even more effective environment that also aids in anchoring positive memories. This alone is significant when it comes to attracting return visits if that is your aim. When guests are allowed to invest their personal thoughts within an environment, it creates quite an impression. Garden lighting appeals to the depth of feeling and often does more for showcasing your property in a way that little else can. 

Security Lighting Parking Lot Security Light

Whether commercial properties or residential dwellings, the issue of security is a primary reason to plan an outdoor lighting system. Given the choice of dark corners or illuminated spaces, undesirable characters prefer to avoid areas that are well lit. Increase your safety and peace of mind with security lights around your property’s exterior. 

There is Purpose in Positioning

For homeowners, half the enjoyment comes from being able to extend the living space outdoors. When the weather is lovely, there is a natural tendency to want to get outside and fire up the grill or enjoy late night swims in the pool. The deck or patio make for relaxing pleasure on a cool summer night. When you entertain after dark, you want to decrease the chances of you, your loved ones, or guests accidentally tripping or falling because they can’t see where to go. 

Lighting your pathways, walkways, steps, and stairs both enhance their appearance and make it safe to walk around. One key to landscape lighting is to balance the lighting for safety and visual appeal. Whether it is soffit lighting, porch lighting, wall lighting or footpath lighting, there are ways to strategically design the overall effect. Otherwise, you could end up with a walkway that looks like a landing strip. 

There Are Many Ways to Approach Nighttime Illumination

You might create a central focus such as the driveway entrance. You could use the lighting to guide your guests straight to your front door where the address is visibly spotlighted. Another option is to use bollards to light the course of a driveway. 

Gate lighting gives you another way to sink lighting into the turf-grass so that it also enhances brick or stonework. Wall lights typically set flush with the stone and produce a light source that spreads down and outward to effectively light a footpath. Tree lights do amazing things for the mood in a garden. You can use warm light to illuminate elevation changes by placing them at each step tread, which makes them safer, too. 

Deck post lighting cascades light gently downward to give you plenty of light for entertaining without overpowering the space. Seat wall lights are ideal for the patio and low-profile areas to augment hardscape features. It is important to select the lighting that will complement the home without accidentally producing a glare effect for drivers passing by. Lighting systems can be programmed to automatically turn on and off for further security, peace of mind, and energy efficiency. 

If you want to learn more about installing an outdoor electric system to illuminate your buildings and landscapes, contact Stott Brothers to discuss your needs and/or set up a free consult. Our team of professional lighting technicians is ready to help you discover how you can have outdoor lighting that provides both beauty and security.

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