How An Emergency Generator Can Provide Critical Power Back-Up During Hurricane Season

Get Ready For Hurricane Season 

Hurricane season starts on June 1 and continues until November 30. It is hard to predict whether we will have an active hurricane season from year to year. So, it is vital that you prepare for the worst. Here in South Florida, it is not a question of IF we’re going to have a power outage; it’s just a question of WHEN. One of the most straightforward hurricane preparedness steps you can take is to have a back-up emergency generator that can provide critical power when the power goes down. 

Why You Need an Emergency Generator

When a hurricane hits, high winds will break tree limbs and create chaos outside. The first victims of these monster storms are the power lines. When the power goes down, you could be without light, air conditioning and power sources for up to a week. In that time, you and your family can experience some extreme and unexpected hardships. Here are some important reasons why you need to have a back-up generator in your home.

1). You Don’t Know How Long The Power Will Be Out

When a hurricane hits, the power is most likely to go down. The emergency work crews will not be able to get started on bringing back power until it is safe outside. Many times, work crews need to be brought from out of the area to handle the extra workload. That means the power restoration timeline will vary from days to weeks. Chances are you will have no idea when you power will come back on. If you have a family, this can create a critical situation. 

Emergency Generator For Backup Power2). Using Candles As An Alternative Lighting is Dangerous

Many people will use candles when the power goes out. This is not a good idea since designers of modern homes did not intend for people to use candle lighting. Also, people simply do not have experience using candles around the house. All it takes is one candle to get knocked over to create a dangerous fire situation on your hands. To make the situation worst, 911 services may be limited or unavailable during a hurricane. 

3). Living Without Air Conditioning Can Be Hazardous for Young Babies and Older People

Living in Florida during the summer means enduring temperatures up to 100 degrees. Since hurricanes typically hit in the summer, that means your house can become unbearably hot when the power goes out. While this may be uncomfortable for many, intense heat can be potentially dangerous for babies and the elderly. Even if you can’t run your home’s AC, an emergency generator will allow you to run fans or a portable air conditioner.

4). You Can Keep Your Devices Charged

If there is a major storm affecting your area, you want to be up to date on the latest news and information. The best way to stay connected is to have a charged phone or mobile device. With a back-up generator, you can keep all of your devices powered. This allows you to stay connected with other family members and get the latest news on hurricane recovery efforts. 

5). Prevent Your Perishable Food From Spoiling 

Many people tend to stock up on food when a hurricane is coming. When the power goes out, much of that food can be spoiled if kept in the fridge or a freezer without power. A back-up generator will ensure that your perishable food won’t spoil, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in groceries. 

Types of Backup Generators

There are two types of back-up generators to consider – permanent and portable. Each of these types of generators has its own unique set of benefits. Carefully consider the benefits of each before making your final decision.

Benefits of a permanent emergency generator:

  • Can be stored outside
  • Use an existing fuel source such as natural gas or fuel
  • Can be automatically switched on when the power goes out

If you live in an area that is consistently prone to power outages, then a permanent generator will be your best choice. A licensed electrician must install a permanent generator.

Benefits of a portable emergency generator:

  • More affordable 
  • Runs on gasoline 
  • Easier to move around 

If you plan to hook up your portable generator to your existing power source, then you must hire a licensed electrician to handle the job. An electrician can install a manual transfer switch that allows you to safely switch over to the portable generator in case of a power outage. 

Which Backup Generator is Best for You?

Before you choose between a permanent and portable generator, you should consider how much power you will need when the electricity goes out. Do you want to power your entire home? Then you will want to opt for the permanent generator. If you are looking to power your fridge and a couple of devices, then a portable generator might work just fine for you. 

Some Final Hurricane Preparedness Tips 

No matter which generator you choose, here are some valuable tips to ensure that your family is safe during hurricane season.

  • Determine how much power you need to have during an outage.
  • Research as many generators as possible before making your final purchasing decision.
  • Seek the help of a licensed electrician to install your generator correctly.

When you are ready to move forward with your backup generator plan go to Google and search ‘Reliable Electrician Near Me’ and find a good local professional electrician who serves your area and gets good reviews. If you live in South Florida, anywhere around Port Saint Lucie, call us at Stott Brothers Electric (772) 408-4911, and we can help get you prepared for storm season.

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