There are a number of reasons why a homeowner or property manager might consider making upgrades to their electrical system. Some electrical services increase safety and convenience while others enhance performance or add features. These electrical upgrades can include modern light fixtures and switches, entertainment center wiring, smart home appliances, outlet installations, and more. Many of these improvements may also improve energy efficiency in your home while boosting safety and keeping you up-to-date with technology. Here are eight common modern residential electrical services you can have performed by an electrician near you.

1. Electrical Charging Station

Today’s families have a lot of rechargeable devices like phones, tablets, drones, tools, etc…. You might want to designate an area in your home or office and create a charging station by installing outlets with plenty of 3-pin grounded and built-in USB inputs. Also, hybrid and electric cars are rapidly increasing in popularity according to research by the Department of Energy. This will make it highly desirable for homeowners to have their own charging station in their home garage. If you are seriously thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, consider installing a charging station for it in your garage.

 Smart Home Electrical Upgrades2. Smart Home Features

If you are looking to make your home life simpler, setting up a variety of smart systems throughout the home is an ideal project. It can allow you to automate your home and control it remotely. Smart upgrades that you can consider include smart hubs, remote controlled lights, smart thermostats, video surveillance system and remote security, grocery ordering refrigerators, smart smoke alarms, and remote controlled blinds.

3. Modern Light Switches

In order to create the perfect room atmosphere, you need to consider lighting. Proper lighting can offer a soothing environment or create energy. A kitchen may be both a workspace and a place to sit and relax depending on the time of day. As you decide on the right lighting, don’t forget to consider the switches that control them. Modern light switches make it easy to control your lights! Not just dimmers that allow a proper amount of light, options for a switch include 3-way, sliders, multi-location, remote control lighting, different size switches, there are so many available options you don’t need to live with boring old switches.

4. Rerouting and Rewiring

The majority of room renovations involve the movement of appliances. For example, you may want to change the set-up of the whole kitchen and have the counter, fridge, and stove change places. While this may make the room look more appealing and work better, the existing electrical system might not allow for the move. A professional electrician near you can rewire the power sources where you need them to be.

5. Extra Outlets

If your family has expanded your need for electrical power has probably grown even more. Families have different requirements for additional outlets like kitchens with new appliances and gadgets, outdoor spaces, a home office that has a number of printers and computers, and children’s rooms that have video games and TVs. If you find you are using numerous extension cords and strips for your daily tasks, then maybe the time for adding some outlets has come. Your local professional electrician can install additional outlets in any room with its own breaker and any number of receptacles.

Electrical Upgrade Switch & GFCI6. GFCIs Set Up

GFCI is an abbreviation for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. These are the outlets engineered to immediately ‘trip’ if the device that is plugged-in comes into contact with moisture or water. These safety devices are common in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages of modern homes. However, if your house is old you might not have them in your rooms. Changing the kind of outlet you have during a renovation is easy for an electrician and can go a long way in ensuring the safety of your family. In some instances, the local building codes might require you to include GFCIs during a renovation!


7. Loose Outlets

If you plug in a device and notice it is loose in the socket you should have that outlet replaced. Outlets require gripping the plug’s end after being plugged into the holes. But sometimes the clip that has been designed to hold the plug can wear out and allow the plug to move around or fall out. If this happens, there can be arcs and sparking, resulting in a fire hazard. Worst, if this outlet is behind a table or appliance someone could accidentally touch the exposed metal reaching to unplug it and get a bad shock. Replacing loose or failing outlets may be one of the most affordable and important electrical upgrades for both convenience and safety.

8. Power Upgrade

Outdated electrical panels (aka fuse boxes) restrict circuit addition and can lack reliable fuses. Many old builders may have used cheap, poor quality materials and even quality panels quit working or become outdated and require replacement. Due to many digital devices and new appliances in contemporary homes, an older house may lack enough power to handle modern demand. Contact a local electrician in your area and have them come out and see if your fuse box is safely and efficiently meeting the demands of your family.


Many of these modern residential electrical upgrades can help to make your home more safe, more convenient, and more efficient. You might be surprised how affordably you can fix or improve something that doesn’t work how it’s supposed to or has been frustrating you. Go to Google and search ‘find an electrician near me’ and call one that is local and gets good reviews.

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