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You can spend lots of time and money on your home for the holidays, with decorations, furnishings, and accessories. However, if you have poor lighting, the mood and character of the beautiful room you have designed will fall short. Proper lighting can create warmth and appeal if done properly. Take a look at some of these lighting upgrade ideas from residential electrical contractors in Florida to help make your home merry this season.

Get Festive with Chandeliers

When you think of the holidays, a festive meal or crowd of family and friends in the living room probably come to mind. What better way to highlight your gathering than a lighting upgrade with a beautiful chandelier? A gorgeous chandelier can accent your living or dining room and provide a festive focal point.

Set the Mood with Dimmers

For multipurpose rooms, dimmers are essential. They allow for flexibility depending on the time of day, event, or mood. Illuminate a whole room for large holiday gatherings with loud music and flowing eggnog or dim the area for a cozy, intimate night in for conversation and present opening. Dimmers are also a worthwhile investment since they increase bulb life and reduce energy consumption, which can really help out your holiday budget.

Wow Guests with Driveway Lighting

Give your home a powerful first impression by accentuating the entrance with driveway lighting. There are many different fixture types and outdoor lighting effects that can be used to light your driveway. One popular option is to install a decorative lamppost or two at the driveway entrance. Similarly, you can have an entry pier built out of brick or stone on both sides of the driveway and then top them with large outdoor lanterns. If you have a long, curving driveway, consider lining the edges with path lights to provide a safe, beautiful entrance for guests attending your holiday party.

Which residential electrical contractors in Florida can help light up my home?

Residential Electrical Contractors in Florida Can Help with Your Lighting Upgrades

It is always recommended that any electrical work in the home be done by a licensed electrical expert. For help lighting your home this holiday season, Stott Brothers Electric can provide services for installing all of the ideas mentioned above and more. Contact us today to give your home a holiday glow!

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