Lighting Fixtures in Florida for the Biggest 2018 Design Trends

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Looking to try something new in your home for 2018? Don’t worry, we know all the latest trends that you can get in on. Better yet, find out all the appropriate lighting fixtures in Florida to accommodate them. Keep reading for ideas on how to light up your home with the coolest designs.

Golden Metallics – For all those who are into seasonal decor, this trend is a great transition for coming out of the holidays and into the new year. Golden, metallic hues are said to be taking over all finishes, furniture, and appliances in 2018. So, if you’re looking to update those pendant lights or ceiling fans, keep in mind warm metallic like rose gold, brass, and copper. These hues are sure to pair well with a wide range of styles and colors while providing durability and a sense of luxury.

Open-Concept Living – Open-concept home layouts are now more popular than ever. If you find yourself in the middle of a remodel in 2018, remember lighting when trying to define open spaces. As walls come down, recessed lighting and track lighting are your new best friend for dividing spaces while maintaining open, airy comforts.

Dark Features – For those considering major kitchen remodels, you may have heard that dark wood is among the top modern interior design trends of 2018. Gorgeous for chic cabinet doors, the deep, chocolate brown hues give a touch of warmth to any room. However, be careful not to mask beautiful rooms in too much darkness. For kitchens, consider subtle under cabinet lights to keep the warmth of your dark wood while not compromising an open, light feel to your home.

What trends for light fixtures in Florida can I use in my kitchen?

The Gallery Wall – Suitable for any kind of home, large or small, a gallery wall is the perfect way to spruce up any room. Whether it’s a collection of your own paintings, a collection of family photos, or funky contemporary prints, the gallery wall offers a great visual as you walk through the door. If this is the trend for you in 2018, be sure to light it up with a chandelier that matches the gallery style.

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