Electrical Panel Upgrade in Florida | When Is It Time to Upgrade?

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When installed properly, the electrical panel in your home should last for decades. Although, that means you can’t expect it to last forever. Here are some ways you can tell it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade in Florida.

Indoor Lights Frequently Dim or Flicker

In Florida, storms are common. Utilities can sometimes experience brownouts or lower availability from blown transformers, especially with major storms during hurricane season. However, these are usually isolated incidents, and you can find out if this is the case for your home with a quick phone call to your utility company.

It here hasn’t been a storm and you notice your lights are frequently dimming or flickering, your electrical panel may need to be replaced. Your home’s lights should dim only when connected to a dimmer switch. Other instances of dimming, especially when using appliances like microwaves, blenders, or hair dryers, indicates an issue.

Circuit Breakers Regularly Trip

Circuit breakers can typically go decades without requiring an electrical panel upgrade in Florida. When a breaker to trips, it can usually be reset and resume normal use. However, it’s time to take a closer look if they regularly malfunction. There may be a larger issue like an overloaded circuit due to an outdated model of electrical panel.

When do I need an electrical panel upgrade in Florida?

The Panel Has an Outdated Design

If you suspect your panel is outdated, it is time to call your electrician regardless of if you’ve experienced issues or not. Electrical panels have evolved over time, and many designs that met homeowners’ needs 40 years ago no longer meet contemporary electrical needs. For example, if your panel has a split-buss design, which relies on a half-dozen breakers instead of a single primary circuit breaker, a replacement might be in order. Homes today need a greater amount of power to support the number of devices and appliances within them, and these older panels can be susceptible to overload.

The Electrical Panel Feels Warm

A warm electrical panel or a slight burning smell around it can signal that wiring behind the panel is frayed or exposed. Damaged or exposed wires can lead to the loss of your breaker box and cause fires in your home. It’s best to replace the entire electrical panel when these issues arise so you have peace of mind that your home’s electrical system is safe.

Get Your Electrical Panel Upgrade in Florida from Stott Brothers Electric

Getting experienced advice on the state of your electrical system and updating your panel when necessary is a safety measure not worth skipping. Rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe in your home with the skilled electrical work from Stott Brothers. Contact us today to inspect or upgrade your electrical panel, and to provide you with expert solutions for all of your residential electric needs.

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