Electrical Contractors in Florida Do Take Your Dad to School Day

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As a family-owned business of electrical contractors in Florida, family is very important to us in every capacity. When Stott Brothers Electric is not helping other families with their electrical needs, we enjoy being there for our loved ones. Brian can be found camping, fishing, and finding other ways to have fun with his son and daughter, while Brad enjoys spending time volunteering as a coach for the basketball and soccer teams of his son and daughter.

However, the commitment of Brian and Brad to their children goes beyond recreation and downtime. They recently had the pleasure of taking part in ‘Take Your Dad to School Day’ with their daughters Allie and Kaylee. The day marks a county-wide effort that their school does every year to remind us of how important Fathers and all types of male role models are in shaping the lives of young children.

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As dads that are hardworking in their professional industry, Brian and Brad care deeply about their children, as well as their children’s education and well-being. As Brian escorted his daughter Kaylee to her 1st-grade class, and Brad took his daughter Allie to her 4th-grade homeroom, they had the experience of stating “The Dad Pledge”. Brian and Brad’s pledge holds them to a promise of supporting their children’s education in every respect and encouraging them to do their best every day for their personal success.

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At Stott Brothers Electric, we define a successful company as a one capable of helping families with their service needs and continuing to do so for many years to come. We have spent our professional lives helping Floridians and their families through many industries. Now, through Stott Brothers Electric, we hope to have the privilege of helping you and yours. Contact us today for our many services that serve as your ultimate home solutions.

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